Join this epic adventure through the jungle. Play special levels in space, water and other places. Launch the blue blob in to the can. Collect all bananas while you are in the air. Unlock exciting new levels in this addicting new game.

Blue In The Jungle

Tesla's center is located in the vicinity of a small village called Smiljan. Tesla's birth house and a small church where his father officiated are also located within the center. A small playground is there for the youngest visitors. On a small stream you can see Tesla's turbine working. There is also a test station with his transformer (coil) for wireless energy transfer experiments.
Today Tesla's house is a museum in which you can see replicas of his most important patents like a metallic egg that spins in a magnetic field and a lot more.
Tesla introduced alternate current (AC) and he tried to make it the standard for electricity transfer, while Edison forced direct current (DC). That conflict was known as ‘The war of the currents’. In the end Tesla's idea prevailed because it is easier and more efficient to transfer AC then DC. Today all electromagnetic devices work with AC.
The main Tesla's invention in case of the asynchronous motor was the reverse magnetic field. There are three phases which are aligned every 120° and their alternation creates a reverse magnetic field that the rotor follows.


MC Nikola Tesla


This timetable is designed for students and teachers. When you click on a certain field you can enter your lessons with the keyboard or by dictating - if you choose a microphone (on the keyboard). For every lesson you can assign a different colour for better visibility. Set the time of the beginning of the classes, the length of the lessons, the length of the big break or if there is another big break, after which lessons is it. The circle indicates which lesson is in progress, and by pressing the info you can see the lesson duration schedule (when the school bell rings). You can send your timetable to a friend over a local network (WiFi). You can also zoom it and move it around the screen for better visibility. As a background image you can set your favourite picture.



Tesla in Lika

Festival znanosti, glazbe i sporta. 

Dobro došli na manifestaciju
"Tesla in Lika 2019", festival znanosti, sporta i zabave.

Aplikacija će Vas voditi kroz događanja koja smo pripremili za Vas. 
U kalendaru možete vidjeti datume i satnicu pojedinih događaja, a iz glavnog izbornika birate pojedinačne događaje i informacije o njima.
Slikajte se na lokacijama u rubrici galerija te na taj način skupljajte bodove koji Vam mogu donijeti zanimljive nagrade kada se slikate na svim lokacijama. 
Uzivajte, istražujte i zabavite se.